Why You Should Create a Facebook Group

Here’s How You Can Generate More Traffic & Leads in 2 Minutes.

I have known about Facebook Groups for quite some time although I’d never really gave much thought to creating my own group. That was until Omar Martin showed me the power of creating your own Facebook Group. So thanks Omar, I owe you one.

What is a Facebook Group?

In a nutshell a Facebook Group is basically a group of people who congregate on Facebook to share a particular interest. There are 3 different levels of group privacy.

  1. Open – Everyone on Facebook can view the group and join.
  2. Closed – Everyone on Facebook can view the group, but anyone who asks to join must be approved by an administrator. Only group members can view the content within the group.
  3. Secret – No one can see the group apart from members, access to the group is via invitation only.

Why would I want to create a group?

Simple, it gives you another platform for you to market your products and services. If you have a group of people interested in a particular niche or product it makes sense to create a group so you can offer additional products and services.

Let me give you an example.

I created a closed group for all of my WSO Domination customers. The main reason I did this was because my members forum was becoming very quiet.

So I set the group up and posted a link in the members area. I now have a group that has become extremely active and is providing value to each and every member.

However, more importantly, I also have a platform to announce any WSO related ventures as every time a new post is made to the group all members are notified, as long as they don’t switch off notifications in their settings. This is a massively powerful feature.

So if you have an existing product or service why not try adding a Facebook group. Or do as I am doing via this post and add a general group from your blog.

If you do create a group make sure you add value, get involved in discussion and overall make the whole group experience a positive one. I am active in my group, I add polls, generate discussion and above all make the experience positive.

Setting up a Facebook group couldn’t be easier. Simply go to your Facebook account.

Look on the left hand side of the page and click ‘create group’.

Then give your group a name, decide the level of privacy, add at least one friend and click ‘create’.

Give your group a description and click save. Feel free to add more friends at this point.

You’re done!

There you go, 2 minutes work that can lead to more business, more leads and more traffic. Remember! If you want to make your group a success make sure you add value by getting involved in discussion and contributing.

If you want to find out more click the banner below to check out the group I have just set up, feel free to join and see how things work.

As always feel free to leave your comments.

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