What is the Point of an Online Mentor?

Every now and then we see a new mentoring program pop up from some well known marketer. These programs say that in ‘X amount of time you will be earning Y amount of dollars’. These programs cost a varying amount of money, usually depending on how long the program will last. With all these programs arriving on the scene I seem to be asked more and more frequently ‘Why would I need a mentor?’, ‘How would a mentor benefit me?’ or ‘What is the point of an online mentor?’. Allow me to explain.

An online mentor is basically someone who has already beaten not only the first hurdle, but the second, third, fourth and fifth hurdle as well. They are already a success in their own right and are easily making a second income online or are working full time with their online business. This means they have all the experience which this learning curve gives you, unless you are a success as well then you are not going to know how to effectively get started online, not to mention all the tips and tricks they will have picked up along the way. Having a mentor gives you access to all of this experience in a fraction of the time, a priceless tool when it comes to earning an income online.

Furthermore, a mentor is there to guide you along the right path to success, rather than taking a wrong turn somewhere down the line. There are that many hype filled ‘push button riches’ products out there that it is easy to get distracted and unfocused from the techniques which really work. Having a mentor will stop you from purchasing the wrong products and also teach what type of products to avoid in the future. The earlier this is learned then the quicker you will start to see success and the quickest way to learn this skill for spotting the wrong products is by having a mentor.

Finally, a mentor is always there for you to check in to, to tell what you need doing and when. This automatically makes yourself accountable to your mentor and makes you more likely to meet your own personal deadlines. Of course your mentor will be checking up on you to see how you are doing, to see if you are having any problems and if you are on track to meet your deadline. Sometimes this is all beginners need to start becoming a success online, someone to be accountable to.

Many times I have been asked what the point in having a mentor is and many times I have repeated what I have said above. A mentor is there to guide you, keep you focused and make sure you have completed what you said you would.

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