Should I Have a Mentor?

A great deal of people who are just getting started online make many mistakes and face problems that all new marketers face. Many of these new marketers will buy product after product and chase the dream of easy riches, when there is no such thing. Those who are only looking to earn money if it is quick and simple are destined to fail. Building a successful and lucrative online business takes a huge amount of time and effort and if that is something that you are not willing to accept then maybe internet marketing isn’t for you.

However there is something you can do which can help you to avoid those common problems that new marketers face. Something that can ease the amount of time and effort that is needed. Something that is not a promise of easy riches, but is a guide, a program to follow that will show you the exact steps needed to ensure that you have the best chance possible of becoming a success.

That something. Is a Mentor

Having a mentor or taking part in the coaching program possible the best thing you could ever do to improve your chances of becoming a successful internet marketer, having a mentor or taking part in a coaching program opens doors to so many benefits that you would never be available if you chose to go it alone.

Most marketers who off mentoring or coaching programs offer a huge array of benefits to give you the most help they can. This could range from anything from personal 24hr support to a one on one telephone consultation to decide what is best for you to be taught.

Mentoring and coaching programs offer you the benefit of learning from a proven expert, learning everything they know on how to get started online, being shown how to avoid those common mistakes and problems that all new marketers face. Having the feeling that there is always someone to turn to if you are struggling with any aspect of your business, knowing you are no longer alone, that there are a whole group of other students who are in exactly the same position as you with whom you can share ideas and problems.

So if you are a new marketer and you are struggling to get yourself going, why not find yourself a mentor or take part in a coaching program?

It could be the best decision you ever make.

An Online Mentor – The First Step to Success

Many of the more well known marketers these days are moving in to the mentoring side of internet marketing. This is because there are new marketers looking for a way to gain even just a secondary income online. These beginner marketers need teaching the methods to make money online by someone. However, many marketers out there take it for granted that basic knowledge to them should be basic knowledge to anyone, but, to a beginner it may be the hardest thing to learn. On the other hand a mentor who doesn’t overlook the fact that beginners may not know a single thing about marketing online can help these new marketers to become successful in their own right. Allow me to explain how.

Firstly, a mentor will be there to guide you. To steer you away from all of the bad purchases you would make if you were left to wander the internet alone. This not only saves you money, but allows you to learn early on in your time online that there are those out there who seek to con you out of your money by promising millions overnight with push button software which struggles to make you a single Dollar a week. These are the products you must learn to steer clear from early and a mentor can teach you this.

Also, mentors will have been in the internet marketing business for many years, this means they know what works now, what did work but now doesn’t and what will possibly work again in the future, for you to gain this knowledge by yourself you would have had to be part of the business for a long time, which you haven’t if you are a beginner. This is probably the most valuable asset of having a mentor, they can teach you now what will make you money, granted it may only be an extra hundred dollars a week at the start. However, it is at least some success! It is the cornerstone from which you can grow and develop with the online world and before you know it be making enough to double your annual income or even quit your day job after a few years.

The first sale is the most important to a beginner and mentors can teach you how to make this first sale.

Without a doubt having a mentor at the start of your online career can save beginners a lot of money and also save them from giving up. It helps them to find their own personal style online and start finally living the life they have only dreamt of.

John Thornhills 3 Step Success Formula

3 Reasons Why YOU Need a Mentor for Your IM Business

It seems that every day there seem to be more and more mentorship and coaching programs available online. These programs can cost anywhere from a few Dollars for a 5 day minicourse or into the thousands of Dollars for a full years worth of training. Their seems to be a mentoring program for every different niche and money making method online today. The thing I seem to be asked more and more today is ‘Are mentorship programs really worth the money you pay?’ If you are one of the people who has maybe asked yourself or someone else this, these 3 reasons below should help answer this question.

Firstly, a mentor will have an online business already up and running, if they haven’t then they aren’t in a position to mentor people. This means that they have already been through everything you are experiencing, all the problems you are facing they have already faced. This experience they have is invaluable and they can teach you the correct way to get your business up and running. They already know all the tips and tricks to build your business as quick as possible and you have instant access to this knowledge, rather than finding these out for yourself, which could take years.

Secondly, when I was starting out online it seemed to me that I would hit a problem every other day, things which I now can do in the blink of an eye would take me days to complete. Mentors are the same, they have already overcome these roadblocks quickly when you encounter them, they will teach you simple ways of either avoiding or dealing with these until you find that they come few and far between. Being able to overcome these roadblocks early allows you to concentrate on other things which will help benefit your business and also it will allow your business to grow a lot more quickly.

Finally, these mentors are people who can provide this support which you need, whenever you need it. All of the better mentorship programs will usually either have a dedicated helpdesk or support email which will enable you to contact your mentor whenever with whatever problem you may have. This once again will help to grow and expand your business far quicker than if you had to work out these problems yourself.

Mentorship Programs may seem quite expensive to the newer marketers, but, the value you will gain from having this mentor far outweighs this cost. The fact that at the end you will have a profitable, online business up and running by the end of the course should be enough incentive for you to sign up for one of these programs.

Are You in Need of an IM Mentor?

Starting your own business is something which can seem intimidating to do, especially online with all the niches to choose from. This has resulted in a lot of the newer marketers falling at the first hurdle and then giving up all together on their hopes of having their own business up and running. All over the internet, in forums, email inboxes, blog comments etc. One of the most common questions asked is ‘How do I get started online and get my business up and running’. The answer to this question is different for everyone, but 99% of the time these newer marketers simply need a mentor. Allow me to explain.

A lot of newer marketers give up because they get caught up in buying numerous products which promise online riches in every possible way, teaching every possible technique. This means they find themselves overloaded with information and simply don’t know where to turn next. Having a mentor would allow these people to keep focused on one task at a time and once this task is finished they will move you on to the next task. Having this mentor to guide you through the scams, hype-filled products etc. Is an excellent tool to prevent you and your online business becoming flooded by the tides of information there is on the internet.

Furthermore, having a mentor gives you someone to make yourself accountable to. This means that you can tell them that you need to have a certain task completed by the end of the week. Most mentors when they know this will keep in contact with you to see how you are doing and help you meet your deadlines set by yourself. Meeting deadlines and time keeping is an important skill to learn when first starting out online and also throughout your time on the internet.

Finally, because of all the different niches and ways to make money, not including all of the rubbish products you see online these days, it is hard to know which direction you should take next and which will benefit you the most. Your mentor will have had these decisions to make before and now has the experience to help you make these decisions for yourself. This will help keep you on the right track and allow you to move forward in your business without any major delays. Keeping on the right path in Internet Marketing is important as it is easy to get sidetracked by all the promises of easy riches.

Mentors are without a doubt an invaluable asset to your online business and can benefit you in a way no other product can. So the decision you need to make to do is whether or not a mentor will benefit YOU.

Do YOU Need a Mentor?

I remember when I first started trying to get myself an online business up and running, I found that I was going through a process of trial and error for months just trying to earn a buck or two. Making mistake after mistake and not getting very far, I did not have anyone to guide me through the jungle that new marketers face, nobody to show me which path to take and nobody to teach me proven methods that they know work and work well.

I know that if I did have someone to show me exactly which path to take that i would have been able to establish myself a successful online business in less than half the time that it took me.

Does this story seem familiar?

Do you have the same problem of not knowing which path to take or what methods to use?

Do you struggle through product after product trying to find out what works and what doesn’t?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need a mentor.

A mentor is someone who can help you to avoid the mistakes they made when they were starting out and that most new marketers make, someone who can teach you step by step everything you need to know to get yourself established online and someone who you can go to with any problems that you have or anything that you are struggling with.

A mentor should be someone that you trust and respect so that you know that the information that you are provided with is going to be of the highest quality and is going to fit your own needs, there is no use finding a mentor who you know nothing about and who could possibly lead you down the wrong path.

Remember, mentoring programs usually do not come cheap and should not be undertaken before you know enough about the person giving the information to know that they are genuinely there to help you and not just to take your money and fill you with useless information that you will never use.

If you are finding it difficult to get yourself started online, if you are not sure what you should be doing first or what path to take, if you are sick of making the same mistakes and feel like your getting nowhere and if you feel like you need someone to turn to when you are struggling, then you need a mentor

What is the Point of an Online Mentor?

Every now and then we see a new mentoring program pop up from some well known marketer. These programs say that in ‘X amount of time you will be earning Y amount of dollars’. These programs cost a varying amount of money, usually depending on how long the program will last. With all these programs arriving on the scene I seem to be asked more and more frequently ‘Why would I need a mentor?’, ‘How would a mentor benefit me?’ or ‘What is the point of an online mentor?’. Allow me to explain.

An online mentor is basically someone who has already beaten not only the first hurdle, but the second, third, fourth and fifth hurdle as well. They are already a success in their own right and are easily making a second income online or are working full time with their online business. This means they have all the experience which this learning curve gives you, unless you are a success as well then you are not going to know how to effectively get started online, not to mention all the tips and tricks they will have picked up along the way. Having a mentor gives you access to all of this experience in a fraction of the time, a priceless tool when it comes to earning an income online.

Furthermore, a mentor is there to guide you along the right path to success, rather than taking a wrong turn somewhere down the line. There are that many hype filled ‘push button riches’ products out there that it is easy to get distracted and unfocused from the techniques which really work. Having a mentor will stop you from purchasing the wrong products and also teach what type of products to avoid in the future. The earlier this is learned then the quicker you will start to see success and the quickest way to learn this skill for spotting the wrong products is by having a mentor.

Finally, a mentor is always there for you to check in to, to tell what you need doing and when. This automatically makes yourself accountable to your mentor and makes you more likely to meet your own personal deadlines. Of course your mentor will be checking up on you to see how you are doing, to see if you are having any problems and if you are on track to meet your deadline. Sometimes this is all beginners need to start becoming a success online, someone to be accountable to.

Many times I have been asked what the point in having a mentor is and many times I have repeated what I have said above. A mentor is there to guide you, keep you focused and make sure you have completed what you said you would.

Which Mentoring Program is Right For me?

Mentoring programs come in many different forms, from the $10,000 plus one to one personal tuitions to the $250 one month video series. However, no matter what the cost may be, all mentoring programs have one thing in common and that is that they all can help you to further your business online no matter how UN-experienced or experienced you may be.

If you are an absolute beginner looking to learn the very basics of building a business online then there is a program out there for you, there are many marketers out there who are willing to give up their time to help absolute beginners on their way to creating a successful online business with step by step video coaching.

If you consider yourself an intermediate internet marketer whereby you understand the basics and have a rough idea of how to implement them to get yourself well on the way to becoming a successful internet marketer, but, you do not know the next steps to take to make sure that when you are implementing what you have already learned you do it correctly to ensure you get the most from your own knowledge. There is a program out there for you, most marketers who have created a program to help beginners will have also created a course to help those beginners who manage to get past the first steps and are ready to move forward, if you are an intermediate internet marketer then that type of course could be for you.

There are also programs out there for those of you who consider yourself to be an expert in what you do online, everyone has space to learn no matter how much they already know and there are courses out there that can help even the most established marketers to become even MORE successful and get the most out of what they know for the benefit of their subscribers and customers.

No matter how much or little experience you may have, there is a mentoring program out there for you. Whether your a beginner, intermediate or even an expert marketer there is always something new to be learned, so don’t be fooled into thinking that there is not a mentoring course out there that can help you, because there is. There are hundred of marketers out there who would like to help you to become successful in your online ventures and help you on your way to creating a powerful internet marketing business.

Is an Online Mentor Right for You?

Many people who are finally starting to get noticed online today are doing so because they have taken part in some sort of mentorship or coaching program. Having a mentor is undoubtedly an extremely vital tool to achieving success for a lot of people. However, there are also many people out there who have achieved success all through self-taught, trail and error processes. The question which the newer marketers these days must ask themselves is, ‘Do I really need a mentor?’ Below I will hopefully help answer this question and make it an easier decision.

The first thing you must consider when deciding whether or not you need a mentor or not is how are you finding getting started online? If you find that you are struggling with both the technical and marketing aspects of starting a business online then a mentor may be for you. A mentor will have already been through this before so can relate exactly to the position your in. Not only this but they will be able to teach you EXACTLY how to get started and take the first stops to building a profitable business online.

Secondly, if you are finding that you constantly get overwhelmed with all the different online ‘Jargon’ such as PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), PLR (Private Label Rights), to mention but a few and the amount of niches there is to choose from online.  Then a mentor will help you understand all of these terms and help you decide the correct niche for you.

Lastly, but not least a mentor has years of experience under his belt, years of experience which you, as a student, have access to for the length of the mentoring period and usually for a long time afterwards. This knowledge would take you years to acquire yourself which the mentor has already been through, this is a priceless tool toward helping you online. The price of the mentoring program itself will be covered by the amount of knowledge you will receive , not to mention the money you will make in the long term by having a successful online business up and running as well as being associated with an already established marketer.

We all know that mentoring programs are a huge benefit to people, many successful marketers today have been students at some point. All you need to decide is whether or not you wish to be successful online.

An Online Mentor – The Key to Internet Marketing Success

Every day I receive emails from people who are new to the internet marketing game and they all usually ask the same questions. These questions are always along the lines of ‘How do I get started online’ or ‘what is the best niche to make money online’. The thing is, there is no real answer to this question as there are a lot of things you must consider about yourself when choosing a niche online. Such as, what are your passions or hobbies, what areas are you knowledgeable in? ETC. However, I do usually tell them this, whatever niche you choose a mentor is an invaluable asset which will help you on your way to success. Let me explain why.

Having a mentor basically gives you someone to make you accountable to. So if you tell your mentor that you want to have a certain task completed in a fortnight then they are there to report to. To let them know how they are getting on. Timekeeping and time management is an important tool in the internet marketing world when it comes to creating products, product launches, promoting other products etc. The quicker you learn good timekeeping skills then the quicker you will start to see results as missing your own personal deadlines will simply delay your profits you receive. Usually simply having someone to report to is enough for someone to ‘make it’ online. However, there are more benefits.

The thing you must remember if you have a mentor is that they have years of valuable experience which you, as their student, have access to. Imagine being able to learn and find out all their little tips and tricks to maximize sales, which they have taken years to learn themselves, in a matter of weeks. Any problem you have or anything you don’t feel is performing as well as it should, they will be able to help you with. They have been there, they have done that and this is something you can only gain by learning everything yourself over a number years or finding yourself a trustworthy mentor who will help you discover what works best for you.

Mentors, like you, they have been the ‘new guy’ struggling to find their footing on the slippery slope to success in the internet marketing world. They are there to hold your hand and guide you up the right path to success.