One Month Mentor Case Study – Zora Blume

Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: Zora Blume

NICHE: Internet Marketing and Traffic



I just want to say a few words about John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor class. John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Class is a wonderful array of video and daily check list charts. This is a step by step to build your own business. I believe anyone looking to start an online business well be able to accomplish it with great ease. If you get stuck just go back and look at the lesson again. If that doesn’t do it there is a support system that can tell you how to get unstuck.

You get an assignment each day for 30 days and beyond and they can easily be done step by step. With John telling you what to do next its easy looking over his shoulder just follow along. Before you know it the day’s lesson is done. Repeat for 30 days and you will have a product and a business of your own. As you are doing you daily assignment things will come together very quickly and by the end of the course you will be amazed at what you have done.

At the end you will have your own product and business that you can have pride and accomplishment that your friend and family will be so happy for you. They will be in ought at what you have done in so short a time. Just imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you just went live with you own product. You now have a product on the internet for sale on a website that you built and own with Johns help. And when you tell them you have your own blog and you have your own affiliate program of people selling your product for you.

If you just think for a minute this is really amazing one month from nothing to having a business with a blog of your own that you built, a website of your own with wonderful graphics and a sales letter that you wrote, a Thank you page that you built, an affiliates page that you fill out, A product of you own that you created and you can sell over and over with no more cost to you. In most business it would take months and months and maybe years to build. I can’t imagine the time and cost of building a business that takes a year or more to build. With my luck if I built a business that took me two year to build by that time. Peoples taste would have change and they no longer would want the product I was building to sell. I would have no customers and an empty building.

But with the speed of building your own business with One Month Mentor. People will not have time to change their taste. You will be up to date with what people need right now. Once you have completed the One Month Mentor program that takes you a month to build you business. You can repeat the process on any niche you want. The good thing about it is now you know how to build a business. The next one will take a fraction of the time. On the next product it will not be necessary to do all of the things you done in the course. Some of the things you done like building your blog, signing up for your monetization like adsense, your auto responder ECT.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that this is my story. I joined Johns One Month Mentor and I have Built my product and business like above. I am truly amazed at what I have done. You see I never ever thought I would have anything like this. I’m just like most everybody else on the internet looking around trying to find a way to make a living. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Most people go thou and follow the some patterns. People buy what they think will make them  a living and for some reason it did not work.

It might have been a good money making product but you did not know how to make it work. Some I thought were on the edge of being illegal so I did not implement them. I have finally found what I have been searching for and John made it so easy to do. He shows you on video and that’s what done it for me when I see someone do it I can copy and do it. A lot of the money making products I bought only had a page telling you in a geek language I did not understand what to do. John will tell you what the geek language means and show how you can do it step by step.

I just want to take this time and thank John and his friends for all the guidance and help. That’s right I said and his friends you see it’s not just John alone that you will be learning from. John has recruited some of his expert Internet Marketing friend to help you and they have even donated some of their products to help guide you.

Some have donated their expert opinion on arranging thing. Some have given special discount on thing you need. I give my highest recommendation for this One Month Mentor business building to any one even if you’re new. If you are more advanced this is for you also because it is another way to make an easy living from now and into the future. John is a good mentor and that’s what you need to succeed.


Zora Blume

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  1. Hi John,

    Looks like your blog is filling out nicely with the case studies of your students’. I think having a mentor is a very big advantage.

    Before I got a mentor who is John Thornhills I was just skipping from here to there.

    I had not finished a single project worth my time. The projects I was trying to complete had parts missing .I did not realize that was why I was having problems’ had I learned some stuff off of the internet search, Videos, free ebook, and free advice from gurus.

    But little pieces for here and there don’t add up to having a complete product. It’s like building a house you are new and never built before and when you done you can’t get in.
    Because you did not know you had to have doors to get in and out.

    You can build it and it look kind of alright but it’s of no use to you with missing doors. When you get a mentor he will show you a complete system with no missing pieces.

    Thanks for a complete product and mentoring

    Zora Blume

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