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I have been making (some) money online now for a few years, however I have never attained the level of income that I have been aiming for and, to be brutally honest, the main reason for this is me. I fell into the same old trap that many people who start out in this business also do, I got side-tracked by every ‘next big thing’ and never consistently applied myself to building a sustainable business online.

I’ll also admit that I was looking for the easy way to make money online and of course with many product creators out there promising ‘push button’ success I found that I was quickly emptying my bank account on products that were never going to help me to create an income that I could rely on month to month.

The good news however is that during this period I began to realize that there were some marketers out there who were just as interested in helping others to succeed as they were in living the ‘Internet marketing’ lifestyle. They didn’t have the pictures of the million dollar houses or the garage full of supercars to show me; however what they did have were real addresses and telephone numbers which they weren’t afraid to share.

And, of course, they were also making enough money through their businesses to be doing it on a full time basis and living very comfortably while doing so. As I got smarter about how I needed to work on my own business I realized that if I spent more time actually working and listening to guys like John Thornhill I was far more likely to learn something useful than I ever would have been in the past by buying the next greatest product to come to market.

So when John announced that he was going to create a One Month Mentor program to share a step by step method for creating an Internet marketing business I knew that if the price was right I would be signing up, and when that email came through to tell me it was live I pretty much clicked the link and signed up within a couple of minutes (I think I even watched the video after I’d paid).

Having recently finished the course I can say that I have absolutely no regrets (well except maybe that I can’t yet afford John’s Partnership to Success program!) as I learned more in that month than I think I have in all the time that I have been online. Interestingly there weren’t any really ‘big secrets’ in what John showed me, it was more about his method of teaching and the way in which he shows how it all comes together that really impressed me and also helped me to fill in some gaps in my own knowledge.

Although the first few days were just a refresher on things I already knew it was when it started to break down product creation that I really began to see the light, John simply made each of the steps necessary to create a new product and get it onto ClickBank so clear cut that in some cases I found myself shaking my head at how easy it can be when you have the right tools to hand (and also a set of goals and timescales to work to).

I’ll admit I did take a little longer than one month to finish all the training John has put together (for a number of personal reasons) but I am proud to say that I did complete it and have a new product on the ClickBank marketplace. Incredibly it is already being promoted by affiliates even though I have not done a huge amount of additional work to advertise it myself so I am confident that once my own marketing efforts get some traction that the sales will start to ramp up.

Overall I must say I am really pleased I followed John’s program and I am already starting to map out my next product having had a number of good ideas during the creation of the first one. Having a blueprint at my fingertips with which to get each new idea off the ground is going to make it that much easier in the future and although I think there is always more to learn about this business, John’s One Month Mentor program has given me a fantastic platform upon which to launch my own Internet Marketing success story.

I would absolutely recommend John’s program to anyone who wants to get started online, the content is fantastic and when you look at the price he’s asking you’ll quickly realize that it’s an incredible steal when compared to most of the other training programs out there. So head on over to to learn more about what John has to offer and get ready to change the course of your Internet marketing journey!

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