One Month Mentor Case Study – Shireen C

Name: Shireen C

Niche: eBay

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I’ve spent lots of money attending seminars, workshops and buying eBooks. And I do run some eBay training myself twice a year to help beginners to set up their eBay business. I know how to identify between genuine information and B.S.

I can honestly say this: “John’s One Month Mentor Program is one of best coaching that I’ve ever came across!”

Here’s why:

1) John is showing every little single detail (from A to Z) about making money online. By comparing his coaching materials and his actual money making website, that’s not much difference. That’s why I’m convinced that everything that he knows, he has shown it to me.

2) I have already started making money from my blog and website within one week after finishing the program. I’m a good student, I followed all the steps in the program and I have seen instant results. I’ve tried many different methods by other so called “Internet gurus” with no results at the end… My money and time was wasted.

Before I joined John’s “One Month Mentor” program, I was actively selling on eBay and making good income every month. I was a university lecturer and I’ve a master degree in economics, but the money that I make from eBay is a few times more compare to my lecturing job. So I quit my job in January 2010 to go full time on eBay.

However, my Internet marketing skills are below average, I didn’t make great money from my websites or blog and if I remember correctly, I made about $10 – $20 per month from my websites, pathetic! I know how to build websites, but I don’t know how to make money from them.

I think the major factor for my failure is: I don’t really know how to bring in the traffic and the proper method to build my opt in list.
What I’ve learned from “One Month Mentor” is amazing. Here are some of the things I have learned:

1) The proper way to set up a money making blog.
2) The importance of product creation.
3) A step by step blueprint to create my own product the easy way.
4) How to build my opt in list.
5) How to generate laser targeted traffic at low cost or no cost.
6) How to add value to my products
7) How to create video tutorials.

This has been a most pleasant experience and I have already start making money from my website and blog!

After the “One Month Mentor” program, I now know how to create my own product in less than 3 days, generate targeted web traffic to my websites, create video tutorials to add more value, set up a money making blog in less than 2 hours, build my opt in list, the proper way to do article marketing and the importance of outsourcing.

I believe I’m going to do well in the future and create a few more sources of online income besides eBay.

Therefore I highly recommend John Thornhill’s “One Month Mentor” program.

Thank you John.

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