Can I Afford a Mentor?

Many new marketers find it a real struggle to follow the right steps and get themselves an online business up and running, most will try program after program, system after system for months, or even years with little or no results. One of the main reasons why they are failing and struggling is that they do not have a mentor, they do not have someone to guide them along the path they need to take or support them through any problems that they might face.

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe you are one of those people who just cant seem to get going, maybe you have considered getting a mentor but you think that it will cost you 1000s of dollars.

Well, think again. Sure there are mentoring or coaching programs out there that will cost you 1000s of dollars. However, some internet marketing experts do offer their personal assistance for much less than you may think.

There are courses and programs out there that generally run over the course of a month or a few weeks in which the mentor will show you everything you need to know to get yourself started up online, these courses can sometimes cost less than $300 dollars which is a considerable amount less than 1000s of dollars. On top of that, many marketers offer payment plans whereby you can spread the cost of the training over a number of weeks or months to make it even more affordable.

Obviously these lower value courses aren’t going to be as informative as the more expensive ones and there will be benefits of the more expensive ones that aren’t included in the cheaper ones, but you will still learn everything you need to know about how to get a online business up and running. The main benefit of a lower value course is that they are usually delivered over a shorter time, so you can get started much sooner. This generally appeals to a great deal of people, especially those who are looking to start earning money ASAP.

If your ever wondering whether or not you can afford a mentoring or coaching program, then be sure to take a good look around because there are marketers out there who offer these services to suit all budget ranges and meet all requirements, from the 10,000 dollar 12 month course, to the 30 day low budget mentoring program, there will be one out there to suit you.

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