An Online Mentor – The Key to Internet Marketing Success

Every day I receive emails from people who are new to the internet marketing game and they all usually ask the same questions. These questions are always along the lines of ‘How do I get started online’ or ‘what is the best niche to make money online’. The thing is, there is no real answer to this question as there are a lot of things you must consider about yourself when choosing a niche online. Such as, what are your passions or hobbies, what areas are you knowledgeable in? ETC. However, I do usually tell them this, whatever niche you choose a mentor is an invaluable asset which will help you on your way to success. Let me explain why.

Having a mentor basically gives you someone to make you accountable to. So if you tell your mentor that you want to have a certain task completed in a fortnight then they are there to report to. To let them know how they are getting on. Timekeeping and time management is an important tool in the internet marketing world when it comes to creating products, product launches, promoting other products etc. The quicker you learn good timekeeping skills then the quicker you will start to see results as missing your own personal deadlines will simply delay your profits you receive. Usually simply having someone to report to is enough for someone to ‘make it’ online. However, there are more benefits.

The thing you must remember if you have a mentor is that they have years of valuable experience which you, as their student, have access to. Imagine being able to learn and find out all their little tips and tricks to maximize sales, which they have taken years to learn themselves, in a matter of weeks. Any problem you have or anything you don’t feel is performing as well as it should, they will be able to help you with. They have been there, they have done that and this is something you can only gain by learning everything yourself over a number years or finding yourself a trustworthy mentor who will help you discover what works best for you.

Mentors, like you, they have been the ‘new guy’ struggling to find their footing on the slippery slope to success in the internet marketing world. They are there to hold your hand and guide you up the right path to success.

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