3 Reasons Why YOU Need a Mentor for Your IM Business

It seems that every day there seem to be more and more mentorship and coaching programs available online. These programs can cost anywhere from a few Dollars for a 5 day minicourse or into the thousands of Dollars for a full years worth of training. Their seems to be a mentoring program for every different niche and money making method online today. The thing I seem to be asked more and more today is ‘Are mentorship programs really worth the money you pay?’ If you are one of the people who has maybe asked yourself or someone else this, these 3 reasons below should help answer this question.

Firstly, a mentor will have an online business already up and running, if they haven’t then they aren’t in a position to mentor people. This means that they have already been through everything you are experiencing, all the problems you are facing they have already faced. This experience they have is invaluable and they can teach you the correct way to get your business up and running. They already know all the tips and tricks to build your business as quick as possible and you have instant access to this knowledge, rather than finding these out for yourself, which could take years.

Secondly, when I was starting out online it seemed to me that I would hit a problem every other day, things which I now can do in the blink of an eye would take me days to complete. Mentors are the same, they have already overcome these roadblocks quickly when you encounter them, they will teach you simple ways of either avoiding or dealing with these until you find that they come few and far between. Being able to overcome these roadblocks early allows you to concentrate on other things which will help benefit your business and also it will allow your business to grow a lot more quickly.

Finally, these mentors are people who can provide this support which you need, whenever you need it. All of the better mentorship programs will usually either have a dedicated helpdesk or support email which will enable you to contact your mentor whenever with whatever problem you may have. This once again will help to grow and expand your business far quicker than if you had to work out these problems yourself.

Mentorship Programs may seem quite expensive to the newer marketers, but, the value you will gain from having this mentor far outweighs this cost. The fact that at the end you will have a profitable, online business up and running by the end of the course should be enough incentive for you to sign up for one of these programs.

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  1. Hi John,

    I thought I would come and check your blog. It’s good to see how you blog shapes up after watching your video. I’m on Day 11, getting into Niche selection etc. I’m really enjoying this course. I would recommend this course to anyone.

    I am still doing your Masterclass as well. Although a similiar format you would never believe things you miss in the other course and you can change things for the better.I have a niche for the Masterclass, not sure whether to use for OMM and start another one for JTMC. I have learnt a lot recently, I even managed to do the Powersellerchallenge 3.0 from start to finish without a problem. Only problem I have with that id burning, don’t seem to get it right.

    Anyway, going back to OMM anyone who is not sure, listen, it comes highly recommended. Thanks again John for an excellent product. I would also like to pass on my thanks to Jamie who has come to my rescue a couple of times.



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