Why You Should Create a Facebook Group

Here’s How You Can Generate More Traffic & Leads in 2 Minutes.

I have known about Facebook Groups for quite some time although I’d never really gave much thought to creating my own group. That was until Omar Martin showed me the power of creating your own Facebook Group. So thanks Omar, I owe you one.

What is a Facebook Group?

In a nutshell a Facebook Group is basically a group of people who congregate on Facebook to share a particular interest. There are 3 different levels of group privacy.

  1. Open – Everyone on Facebook can view the group and join.
  2. Closed – Everyone on Facebook can view the group, but anyone who asks to join must be approved by an administrator. Only group members can view the content within the group.
  3. Secret – No one can see the group apart from members, access to the group is via invitation only.

Why would I want to create a group?

Simple, it gives you another platform for you to market your products and services. If you have a group of people interested in a particular niche or product it makes sense to create a group so you can offer additional products and services.

Let me give you an example.

I created a closed group for all of my WSO Domination customers. The main reason I did this was because my members forum was becoming very quiet.

So I set the group up and posted a link in the members area. I now have a group that has become extremely active and is providing value to each and every member.

However, more importantly, I also have a platform to announce any WSO related ventures as every time a new post is made to the group all members are notified, as long as they don’t switch off notifications in their settings. This is a massively powerful feature.

So if you have an existing product or service why not try adding a Facebook group. Or do as I am doing via this post and add a general group from your blog.

If you do create a group make sure you add value, get involved in discussion and overall make the whole group experience a positive one. I am active in my group, I add polls, generate discussion and above all make the experience positive.

Setting up a Facebook group couldn’t be easier. Simply go to your Facebook account.

Look on the left hand side of the page and click ‘create group’.

Then give your group a name, decide the level of privacy, add at least one friend and click ‘create’.

Give your group a description and click save. Feel free to add more friends at this point.

You’re done!

There you go, 2 minutes work that can lead to more business, more leads and more traffic. Remember! If you want to make your group a success make sure you add value by getting involved in discussion and contributing.

If you want to find out more click the banner below to check out the group I have just set up, feel free to join and see how things work.

As always feel free to leave your comments.

One Month Mentor Case Study – Zora Blume

Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: Zora Blume

NICHE: Internet Marketing and Traffic

BLOG: http://www.ZoraBlume.com

PRODUCT: http://FreeTrafficMasterplan.com

I just want to say a few words about John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor class. John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Class is a wonderful array of video and daily check list charts. This is a step by step to build your own business. I believe anyone looking to start an online business well be able to accomplish it with great ease. If you get stuck just go back and look at the lesson again. If that doesn’t do it there is a support system that can tell you how to get unstuck.

You get an assignment each day for 30 days and beyond and they can easily be done step by step. With John telling you what to do next its easy looking over his shoulder just follow along. Before you know it the day’s lesson is done. Repeat for 30 days and you will have a product and a business of your own. As you are doing you daily assignment things will come together very quickly and by the end of the course you will be amazed at what you have done.

At the end you will have your own product and business that you can have pride and accomplishment that your friend and family will be so happy for you. They will be in ought at what you have done in so short a time. Just imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you just went live with you own product. You now have a product on the internet for sale on a website that you built and own with Johns help. And when you tell them you have your own blog and you have your own affiliate program of people selling your product for you.

If you just think for a minute this is really amazing one month from nothing to having a business with a blog of your own that you built, a website of your own with wonderful graphics and a sales letter that you wrote, a Thank you page that you built, an affiliates page that you fill out, A product of you own that you created and you can sell over and over with no more cost to you. In most business it would take months and months and maybe years to build. I can’t imagine the time and cost of building a business that takes a year or more to build. With my luck if I built a business that took me two year to build by that time. Peoples taste would have change and they no longer would want the product I was building to sell. I would have no customers and an empty building.

But with the speed of building your own business with One Month Mentor. People will not have time to change their taste. You will be up to date with what people need right now. Once you have completed the One Month Mentor program that takes you a month to build you business. You can repeat the process on any niche you want. The good thing about it is now you know how to build a business. The next one will take a fraction of the time. On the next product it will not be necessary to do all of the things you done in the course. Some of the things you done like building your blog, signing up for your monetization like adsense, your auto responder ECT.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that this is my story. I joined Johns One Month Mentor and I have Built my product and business like above. I am truly amazed at what I have done. You see I never ever thought I would have anything like this. I’m just like most everybody else on the internet looking around trying to find a way to make a living. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Most people go thou and follow the some patterns. People buy what they think will make them  a living and for some reason it did not work.

It might have been a good money making product but you did not know how to make it work. Some I thought were on the edge of being illegal so I did not implement them. I have finally found what I have been searching for and John made it so easy to do. He shows you on video and that’s what done it for me when I see someone do it I can copy and do it. A lot of the money making products I bought only had a page telling you in a geek language I did not understand what to do. John will tell you what the geek language means and show how you can do it step by step.

I just want to take this time and thank John and his friends for all the guidance and help. That’s right I said and his friends you see it’s not just John alone that you will be learning from. John has recruited some of his expert Internet Marketing friend to help you and they have even donated some of their products to help guide you.

Some have donated their expert opinion on arranging thing. Some have given special discount on thing you need. I give my highest recommendation for this One Month Mentor business building to any one even if you’re new. If you are more advanced this is for you also because it is another way to make an easy living from now and into the future. John is a good mentor and that’s what you need to succeed.


Zora Blume


If you want to know more about John’s One Month Mentor program and find out how John can help you then click here

4 Reasons YOU are Failing to Make an Online Income

In these times of recession, job losses/redundancies, huge debts etc. Many people are turning to the internet to look for another possible source of income. However, most of these people, no matter how hard they try, never seem to make anything close to what they want to achieve online. In this article I am going to outline 4 reasons why this is happening.

Firstly, many of these people want to earn money for doing next to nothing. They see all these internet millionaires who only seem to have to send an email to make tens of thousands of dollars and believe that they should be able to do the same.

What they fail to realize is that these millionaires have been online for 5, 10 maybe 15 or more years. Working hard day in day out to build their business to a level where they don’t have to work hard anymore. For those of you out there who believe you can make millions online, overnight, with next to zero work, you are sadly mistaken.

Secondly, there are people out there who are scared of failing. They believe that they must do everything correct on the first try or they will be laughed at or shunned by the marketers who have already got a successful business running. I will let you in to a little secret you may not have thought about. Most of these marketers were in your shoes when they first started, the only difference is they were not as afraid of making those few failures before they tasted success.

As they have been in your shoes, most marketers will be only to glad to help with minor tasks or things you simply don’t understand. There are forums all over the internet where there are accomplished marketers only too willing to help those newbie marketers out with takes they once struggled with. Do not be scared of failure and do not be scared to ask for help.

On the other hand, there are those newbie marketers out there who are quite accomplished with the technical side of internet marketing. These marketers can build blogs, websites, products etc without any problem. However, some of them still fail in the long term, they make a few sales here and there with their first product but this sales slowly stop and their second product will be lucky to make one sale. The reason this is happening? They aren’t building a list!

I am sure no matter how long you have been online you will have heard someone say ‘the money is in the list’ or ‘success lies within your list’ and if you haven’t, you have now. This is possibly the greatest piece of advice you could ever be given online. Think about it, with a list you can sell to people on demand, whenever you need to, by sending an email and promoting either your own product or someone else’s. In the beginning you may only get 1-2 subscribers a week, but this number will grow as your online business grows and before you know what has happened you have a list of 1000s.

Finally, many newer marketers out there need a mentor. Someone who can teach them what to do and what not to do. Someone to walk them step-by-step down the right path, avoiding mistakes and giving them tips. Someone you can depend on and turn to in those moments when you are well and truly stumped.

The reason a mentor can be the difference between success and failure for a newer marketer is one I have already briefly mentioned. They have been in your shoes, they have taken those first steps before, they have made the same mistakes and been stuck with the same simple things. This experience makes them an invaluable asset to have when you are starting an online business and an asset which can take your business past beginner and to the level you always dreamed off.

Would you be interested in learning how to succeed in 3 easy steps?

In this free to attend webinar discover how anyone can succeed in 3 easy steps.


Writing For a Living

I’m often asked if writing for a living is as easy as it sounds or is it simply one of those hyped up methods of making money that looks good when it is being described on a business opportunity sales page but when it comes to reality you will be literally banging your head against a brick wall.

Well, if you are interested in earning money in this way you actually have to work. No getting away from that fact so if you are one of those people who are looking for a way to make money which involves not actually doing anything then you would be well advised to look elsewhere.

Now that we have got that out of the way let’s look at the writing opportunity itself. To start with, many people feel intimidated and think that their writing skills will not be good enough to be able to sell their services so let’s put that into perspective before we go any further.

Let’s say that you begin to offer a writing service and you charge $10 for a 500 word article. I always recommend that you start off by writing about subjects that you are familiar with and please don’t tell me that you are not familiar with any subject well enough so you can write about it because you are.

Think of your job if you have one, your interests, your favorite TV programs, football team, etc, etc. There is a massive demand for all types of writing and it would be a safe bet that you will be able to write about various subjects with ease. By writing about subjects such as this you will cut down on any research time which will equate to you earning more money.

Now, at $10 per 500 words you are not expected to write a literary masterpiece but as long as the article is spelt correctly and is correctly formatted you will find that the service that you offer will be in great demand.

The main thing to remember when you offer your services as a writer, apart from checking that your work is OK, is to always deliver on time and keep in contact with your clients. Something might happen which will cause a delay, family problems for instance, but instead of hoping that your client will not notice that you are late with the order, let them know what is happening. You will find that the vast majority will be grateful that you have told them what is going on and will not have a problem with it.

So, now all of that is out of the way, is writing for a living as good as it sounds. The answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes’. You do a job and you get paid for it, as simple as that. If you are writing about a subject you are familiar with you can easily earn $100 before lunchtime.

With a little practice you can push that up to $200, five days a week with the afternoons off and you have earned $1000. What’s more, as long as you have an Internet connection you can work from anywhere in the world and you will be truly living the ‘Internet lifestyle’

This is a guest post written by Gary Tomlinson, creator of Writing For a Living

If you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

One Month Mentor Case Study – Pete Bruckshaw

Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: Pete Bruckshaw


BLOG: http://petebruckshaw.com

PRODUCT: http://www.auction-eclass.com

Three years ago I bought an eBook of John Thornhill’s that entitled me to access his Helpdesk. At the time I was working on my first eBook and had run into a problem. They solved the problem and had a recommendation for me too. I sounded just right for John’s mentorship program. Would I like to sign up? I decided against joining even though I could have afforded to.

I wanted to do everything for myself. I was saving money. That was the biggest false economy of my life.

My first eBook flopped. If I’d taken that well meant advice to sign up for John’s mentorship course I would’ve saved myself two years of struggle. But after I launched my second Internet product with the help of John Thornhill everything changed for the better. I am now a full time successful Internet marketer. Fortunately for me I wouldn’t give up during those two difficult years. It’s a sad fact that most people will give up. It’s not that they don’t make the effort. It’s that they don’t make the right effort.

In contrast, there’s John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor program. Every day for a month you’ll receive a new lesson. In keeping with John’s usual style they’re easy to follow and hype free. Complete beginners can start the One Month Mentor course and be making money from Internet marketing in less than a month.

The lessons I’ve learned are these:

You can’t succeed on your own because:-
You need a mentor
You need contacts
You need to invest in your future.

If you’re ready to stop struggling and stop wasting time trying and failing to make money online, and if you’re ready to take that leap of faith then I recommend mentoring with John.

Best of all with the One Month Mentor program, John has streamlined his teaching, making it faster to learn and lower in price than ever before. If you know the kind of amounts that marketers of John’s caliber charge for their mentorship programs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much One Month Mentor costs. Now nobody’s got an excuse for not mentoring with John – me included. I know from experience that the One Month Mentor program teaches you how to market and make money online the right way. ”

Pete Bruckshaw


One Month Mentor Case Study – John Coates

Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: John Coates

NICHE: Internet Marketing – List Building

BLOG: http://john-a-coates.com

WEBSITE: http://www.ezlistbuildingblueprint.com

Late in life in 2007 I qualified as a massage therapist. I started to look for ways to promote the service and came across an excellent online course. Looking back at my experience of buying this course I realise it followed a well established pattern of selling on the Internet. But I didn’t know it at the time.

The course consisted of great offline marketing strategies and one or two online strategies. It was the latter that really caught my attention. The idea of creating an income online was an attractive proposition. But this course was all about promoting a massage service. Although I could see there was potential in making money online, I didn’t have sufficient knowledge of how to go about it other than as a massage therapist.

After a great deal of money spent on trying to gain an understanding of how to sell on the Internet, I decided to put to good use skills I had acquired from my other offline experiences. In the past I had worked in customer services for an international car rental company and, for a number of years, in a similar position for a multi national financial institution. I therefore offered and was successful in establishing my services as a customer support assistant to Internet marketers.

This opportunity provided a great insight into Internet marketing generally and I was in a position to learn a great deal. But, with no disrespect to those marketers using my services, I very rarely see a product which provides a complete A to Z guide to creating an online business. Anyone familiar with the Internet Marketing niche will understand that very often you are still looking for advice from elsewhere in order to complete certain stages of the process.

Until that is, I came across John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Program.

I had bought many of John’s products and was always impressed with the quality of his work and his apparent genuine desire to help others in their online efforts. And so I decided it was time to join his program.

As I have mentioned, I have gathered a lot of information in my customer support role. However, by following John’s program I have learnt so much more detail that other courses pale in comparison.

I have to admit that the first few days were a little frustrating though, as the lessons covered an area in which I was already experienced. But, for anyone who doesn’t have that same experience, your level of confidence will certainly increase when you follow John’s demonstration of the process and complete those same tasks.

And I think that is an observation worth noting. The success of any mentoring program is going to be partly dependent on the participants being able to complete each module and every task, but it is also the mentor’s responsibility to make the process appear to be simplicity itself. John succeeds in achieving this throughout the whole program.

It is a 31 day mentoring course but it doesn’t have to be completed in a calendar month. Due to prior commitments and general life events and responsibilities, it took me just over 7 weeks to complete. But I did complete it, helped greatly by the fact that each day’s tasks can often be completed on the same day, or at the most in one or two days.

What I have learnt by following the program are the little things that are often missed elsewhere; the tips and tricks picked up by watching someone as they go through the process. These have helped me to become much more efficient in my work, and being able to save time is as valuable as the learning experience.

I highly recommend the One Month Mentor Program in which John Thornhill shows a process that is so simple and yet so achievable that there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t enjoy their own success.

I now have a clearly defined blueprint, literally a step-by-step program to follow, providing me with the opportunity to create a long-term business that I can develop for the future. Maybe I’ll soon be wanting someone for my own customer support service.


One Month Mentor Case Study – Stefan Dyke

Name: Stefan Dyke

Niche: Blogging

Blog URL: http://summit-marketing.com

Website URL: http://cashbloggingtactics.com

I have been making (some) money online now for a few years, however I have never attained the level of income that I have been aiming for and, to be brutally honest, the main reason for this is me. I fell into the same old trap that many people who start out in this business also do, I got side-tracked by every ‘next big thing’ and never consistently applied myself to building a sustainable business online.

I’ll also admit that I was looking for the easy way to make money online and of course with many product creators out there promising ‘push button’ success I found that I was quickly emptying my bank account on products that were never going to help me to create an income that I could rely on month to month.

The good news however is that during this period I began to realize that there were some marketers out there who were just as interested in helping others to succeed as they were in living the ‘Internet marketing’ lifestyle. They didn’t have the pictures of the million dollar houses or the garage full of supercars to show me; however what they did have were real addresses and telephone numbers which they weren’t afraid to share.

And, of course, they were also making enough money through their businesses to be doing it on a full time basis and living very comfortably while doing so. As I got smarter about how I needed to work on my own business I realized that if I spent more time actually working and listening to guys like John Thornhill I was far more likely to learn something useful than I ever would have been in the past by buying the next greatest product to come to market.

So when John announced that he was going to create a One Month Mentor program to share a step by step method for creating an Internet marketing business I knew that if the price was right I would be signing up, and when that email came through to tell me it was live I pretty much clicked the link and signed up within a couple of minutes (I think I even watched the video after I’d paid).

Having recently finished the course I can say that I have absolutely no regrets (well except maybe that I can’t yet afford John’s Partnership to Success program!) as I learned more in that month than I think I have in all the time that I have been online. Interestingly there weren’t any really ‘big secrets’ in what John showed me, it was more about his method of teaching and the way in which he shows how it all comes together that really impressed me and also helped me to fill in some gaps in my own knowledge.

Although the first few days were just a refresher on things I already knew it was when it started to break down product creation that I really began to see the light, John simply made each of the steps necessary to create a new product and get it onto ClickBank so clear cut that in some cases I found myself shaking my head at how easy it can be when you have the right tools to hand (and also a set of goals and timescales to work to).

I’ll admit I did take a little longer than one month to finish all the training John has put together (for a number of personal reasons) but I am proud to say that I did complete it and have a new product on the ClickBank marketplace. Incredibly it is already being promoted by affiliates even though I have not done a huge amount of additional work to advertise it myself so I am confident that once my own marketing efforts get some traction that the sales will start to ramp up.

Overall I must say I am really pleased I followed John’s program and I am already starting to map out my next product having had a number of good ideas during the creation of the first one. Having a blueprint at my fingertips with which to get each new idea off the ground is going to make it that much easier in the future and although I think there is always more to learn about this business, John’s One Month Mentor program has given me a fantastic platform upon which to launch my own Internet Marketing success story.

I would absolutely recommend John’s program to anyone who wants to get started online, the content is fantastic and when you look at the price he’s asking you’ll quickly realize that it’s an incredible steal when compared to most of the other training programs out there. So head on over to http://onemonthmentor.com to learn more about what John has to offer and get ready to change the course of your Internet marketing journey!

One Month Mentor Case Study – Shireen C

Name: Shireen C

Niche: eBay

Blog URL: http://auctionsifublog.com

Website URL: http://72hoursauction.com

I’ve spent lots of money attending seminars, workshops and buying eBooks. And I do run some eBay training myself twice a year to help beginners to set up their eBay business. I know how to identify between genuine information and B.S.

I can honestly say this: “John’s One Month Mentor Program is one of best coaching that I’ve ever came across!”

Here’s why:

1) John is showing every little single detail (from A to Z) about making money online. By comparing his coaching materials and his actual money making website, that’s not much difference. That’s why I’m convinced that everything that he knows, he has shown it to me.

2) I have already started making money from my blog and website within one week after finishing the program. I’m a good student, I followed all the steps in the program and I have seen instant results. I’ve tried many different methods by other so called “Internet gurus” with no results at the end… My money and time was wasted.

Before I joined John’s “One Month Mentor” program, I was actively selling on eBay and making good income every month. I was a university lecturer and I’ve a master degree in economics, but the money that I make from eBay is a few times more compare to my lecturing job. So I quit my job in January 2010 to go full time on eBay.

However, my Internet marketing skills are below average, I didn’t make great money from my websites or blog and if I remember correctly, I made about $10 – $20 per month from my websites, pathetic! I know how to build websites, but I don’t know how to make money from them.

I think the major factor for my failure is: I don’t really know how to bring in the traffic and the proper method to build my opt in list.
What I’ve learned from “One Month Mentor” is amazing. Here are some of the things I have learned:

1) The proper way to set up a money making blog.
2) The importance of product creation.
3) A step by step blueprint to create my own product the easy way.
4) How to build my opt in list.
5) How to generate laser targeted traffic at low cost or no cost.
6) How to add value to my products
7) How to create video tutorials.

This has been a most pleasant experience and I have already start making money from my website and blog!

After the “One Month Mentor” program, I now know how to create my own product in less than 3 days, generate targeted web traffic to my websites, create video tutorials to add more value, set up a money making blog in less than 2 hours, build my opt in list, the proper way to do article marketing and the importance of outsourcing.

I believe I’m going to do well in the future and create a few more sources of online income besides eBay.

Therefore I highly recommend John Thornhill’s “One Month Mentor” program.

Thank you John.

One Month Mentor Case Study – Dave Everett

Name: Dave Everett

Niche: Internet Marketing

Blog URL: http://daveeverettonline.com

Website URL: http://resellrightsdomination.com

Just a few days ago I completed John Thornhill’s “One Month Mentor” course, and I must confess to being so grateful to John for creating this course, that I felt I just had to put this appreciation into words.

At the risk of boring you stiff, my story is very much the same as a lot of would-be internet marketers. I have been online, trying to make money, in one form or another, for well over ten years. In that time I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find that secret as to how it is done. I have put my family into financial difficulties twice, but we won’t go into that in too much detail.

You see, I am in my mid-sixties. My wife should have retired in 2007, but she is still working. I should have retired in 2010, but I am still working. To put it bluntly, time is running out. I don’t want to retire into poverty, relying on our pensions, but unless I can generate extra money online, that is the route we are destined to take. (OK, sob story over!)

Over the time that I have been online, I have come to realise that the only route to reliable earnings has to be via something that you have complete control over – your own product in other words. Also, if that product could generate a recurring income, so much the better.

Even though I realised this fact some time ago, I never considered that I had the capability to produce my own product. Many of the so-called gurus will tell you that it is a very expensive and time consuming route to take, and I believed them.

At the beginning of 2011 I had an idea for a membership site, but that is how it stayed – just an idea. I knew what to do and I owned the software to do it, but I was thwarted by a lack of self-confidence, so nothing happened.

Then, in the middle of March, John Thornhill announced his One Month Mentor program. I couldn’t really afford the cost of the course, so no matter how much I wanted to enrol, it was out of the question. Then John announced a payment plan, and I was hooked!

I must confess that I found the first few days of the course a little mundane as John was teaching things that I have been doing for years, but once we got past that point, everything became very pertinent to my situation.

To cut a long story short, John’s coaching has enabled me to generate my own product, an eBook, something which I was not able to do before the course. I have also gained the confidence to allow that product to extend into a membership site which, once again I was unable to do previous to taking the course.

John has a very natural style to his teaching, covering everything in videos as well as providing worksheets for days where they are felt to be advantageous. All points are covered in detail, making the course suitable for beginners right up to the intermediate stage of marketer.

I now feel confident that the future for me will be a lot more positive, and that what I have created once, I can repeat in the future. Rather than providing a fish, John Thornhill has taught me how to catch the fish.

I can honestly recommend that anyone who wants to take this proven route into Internet Marketing takes a very close look at John’s program. Who knows, perhaps it will be you writing up your own case study in a couple of months time.

You can find out more about John and his One Month Mentor Program by clicking here.

Can I Afford a Mentor?

Many new marketers find it a real struggle to follow the right steps and get themselves an online business up and running, most will try program after program, system after system for months, or even years with little or no results. One of the main reasons why they are failing and struggling is that they do not have a mentor, they do not have someone to guide them along the path they need to take or support them through any problems that they might face.

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe you are one of those people who just cant seem to get going, maybe you have considered getting a mentor but you think that it will cost you 1000s of dollars.

Well, think again. Sure there are mentoring or coaching programs out there that will cost you 1000s of dollars. However, some internet marketing experts do offer their personal assistance for much less than you may think.

There are courses and programs out there that generally run over the course of a month or a few weeks in which the mentor will show you everything you need to know to get yourself started up online, these courses can sometimes cost less than $300 dollars which is a considerable amount less than 1000s of dollars. On top of that, many marketers offer payment plans whereby you can spread the cost of the training over a number of weeks or months to make it even more affordable.

Obviously these lower value courses aren’t going to be as informative as the more expensive ones and there will be benefits of the more expensive ones that aren’t included in the cheaper ones, but you will still learn everything you need to know about how to get a online business up and running. The main benefit of a lower value course is that they are usually delivered over a shorter time, so you can get started much sooner. This generally appeals to a great deal of people, especially those who are looking to start earning money ASAP.

If your ever wondering whether or not you can afford a mentoring or coaching program, then be sure to take a good look around because there are marketers out there who offer these services to suit all budget ranges and meet all requirements, from the 10,000 dollar 12 month course, to the 30 day low budget mentoring program, there will be one out there to suit you.